Apnea Diagnosis

Apnea Diagnosis

PVSleepWell offers home studies which deliver results of a person’s sleep disorder and possible treatments, at a much lower cost than in the US and Canada. You can rest assured knowing you’re getting the best of care. Using the state-of-the-art ResMed Apnea Link Plus, a portable testing machine approved by the American Medical Association, the American Sleep Apnea Association and Medicare/Medicaid, PVSleepWell can measure your respiratory effort, oxygen flow, oxygenation and heart rate to help diagnosis any potential issues and help determine if you have sleep apnea and what options are available to you for treatment.

Available screenings and sleep studies

  1. Screening: Screening for sleep apnea is always the first step. Specifically designed questionnaires provide a quick and effective way to identify those who are likely to have apnea and may need further sleep evaluation.
  2. Overnight Study: An overnight home sleep study is the second step. The results of this study help determine if you have sleep apnea.
  3. Two-night study or Titration: This step determines the optimal pressure needed to reduce or eliminate apnea events.

The data gathered for each study is interpreted by ResMed Apnealink software. We then review the report with you, discuss options available to you to treat any condition that was discovered during our studies. We help you stay on track to correct your disorder and start your program of wellness (Sleep, Rest and Recovery).

In addition to a personalized sleep study, PV Sleep Well also offers CPAP equipment, masks and accessories for sales and rent. Most costs are covered by insurance, and cash discounts are available.