About us

PV SleepWell was started by Kevin & Rhnee Mohan of San Antonio, Texas. Long-time visitors to Puerto Vallarta, Kevin and Rhnee went on holiday one summer to their beloved vacation spot. At the start of their vacation, one of PV’s tumultuous evening summer storms disabled Kevin’s CPAP machine. (Note to self: Use a surge protector!) Kevin, a 7 year CPAP user, spent the rest of his vacation searching for anyone who could repair his equipment or could offer to rent him another CPAP. Nobody knew what a CPAP machine was - let alone how to repair one. The rest of his vacation was spent tossing and turning. A good night’s sleep that so many of us take for granted was well outside of his reach without his CPAP. Vacation ruined.

A CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine is used by people with sleep apnea to provide a steady air flow into their lungs, allowing for a deep and restful sleep.

With this experience, Kevin understood first-hand the need to provide CPAP users with rentals and equipment to ensure a restful night’s sleep, so he decided to open up a business offering CPAP rentals, equipment and accessories to ensure that residents and visitors to Puerto Vallarta would not have to suffer any disruption to their travels.

During the first year PV Sleep Well was open, they discovered a lack of oxygen equipment suppliers. Understanding the essentiality of accommodating traveler’s healthcare needs, Kevin and Rhnee began offering medical oxygen concentrator rentals, along with FAA-approved oxygen for emergency travel.

In 2014, Rhnee and Kevin partnered up with Erik and Michelle Fulfer of Bahia Chiropractic and American Chiropractic. Erik and Michelle, along with their young daughter, Sofia, moved to Puerto Vallarta more than 5 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia. Erik, a US Board-Certified chiropractor, began a chiropractic practice and currently splits his time between an office in the Mega in Flamingos/Bucerias and a mobile practice in Puerto Vallarta. Their mutual interest in wellness made this partnership an ideal one.

As a team, we are ready to help you get a restful night’s sleep and enjoy your vacation!