CPAP & Oxygen Rental


In our continuous effort to meet the needs of CPAP users in our community of Jalisco, Puerto Vallarta, and Mexico, we now offer trial and emergency CPAP rentals and sell supplies specifically for CPAP users.

Our trial rental program will give you time to see if a CPAP is the answer to your problem of apnea or snoring before you make the final decision to purchase.

Our emergency equipment rental program was established for travelers that may have forgotten a part or have problems with their equipment, because we want your stay in Puerto Vallarta to be pleasant. 

We sell new and reconditioned CPAPS, masks, hoses and filters, available for local or international delivery.  

Our aim is to diagnose and treat the symptoms of sleep apnea and snoring while building a lasting relationship to meet your needs.

Wellness Begins With a Good Night’s Sleep!


The next time you make travel plans to visit Puerto Vallarta or the greater Bahía de Banderas area, contact us for your medical oxygen needs.  It is so much simpler to rent an oxygen concentrator from us when you are traveling than to package and bring your own concentrator.  Our rentals include delivery & pick-up to your home or hotel.   

We have standard floor concentrators for night time use, large units with a 50 ft. nasal cannula for use during the day which offers you mobility within your home or hotel, and also a self fill unit allowing you use of a stationary concentrator along with the capability to fill cylinders for your day time activities.   

If you decide to stay long term or relocate to Mexico, we offer special rates for long term rentals or we can assist you in the purchase of your own oxygen concentrator. 

Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC)

We have FAA approved Portable Oxygen Concentrator, (POC), with a 6 hour battery life capability at 2 liters per minute pulse delivery system for emergency travel from Mexico to the United States or Canada