PV Sleep Well

PV Sleep Well, open since 2010, is located in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco to service the Banderas Bay area and Mexico. We opened to create an awareness of Apnea, educate the public of its' dangers, and assist the local Medical community by offering diagnosis & treatment of Apnea. We have since expanded to offer medical Oxygen.


We all, from time to time, have trouble sleeping. For many people, sleeping becomes interrupted by snoring, or worse, we stop breathing all together. We offer an in-home Sleep Study for the diagnosis of Sleep Apnea. If you suspect you may have Apnea, contact us today! Take the Snore Score


The most effective treatment for Sleep Apnea is CPAP therapy. We offer all types and brands of CPAP equipment, accessories & supplies for sale. Most costs are covered by insurance, and cash discounts are available. Left you CPAP at home? Call us for an emergency rental.


We offer standard floor Concentrators and Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POC), for sale or for rent. Should you be faced with the need for Oxygen for travel back to Canada or the United States, our POC units are FAA Approved for air travel.

Review our website to learn more about sleep apnea, the solutions that are available and what services we offer, then contact PV Sleep Well today and take the first step to a better night’s sleep, to a better life!