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Sleep Study

What to expect from a Sleep Study

Do I need to spend the night somewhere else?

No. We offer an in home overnight sleep study and use diagnostic equipment by ResMed, called the Apnea Link Plus. This type of equipment was designed specifically for the diagnosis of sleep Apnea, the most common of all sleep disorders. A member of the PV Sleep Well team will meet you at your home or hotel, explain how the equipment works, and set it up for you. All you do is wear it while you sleep later that night.

What does the equipment look like?

For one night you will wear a soft belt across your chest, a nasal cannula and a pulse oximeter on one finger. Together this diagnostic tool will measure your respiratory effort, pulse, oxygen saturation of your blood, and record snoring.

What happens after the sleep study?

The morning following your sleep study, we pick up the equipment and download the results shown on a report, which is produced by the ResMed ApneaLink. The report generated by the Apnea Link will show your AHI or Apnea/Hypopnea Index , which tells us if you have Apnea and its severity. Next we make an appointment with you to review the results and give you a copy of the report.

What if I have Apnea?

If Apnea is indicated on the report, we suggest a second test for titration, also known as pressure evaluation. For the second study, you sleep with a Clinician automatic CPAP for one or two nights which records the pressure you need during the night to reduce your AHI. The report generated will confirm the Apnea is reduced to be sure the CPAP therapy works for you. In addition, this is a great way for you have a short trial period with a CPAP machine and to see how it works.

How much does a sleep study cost?

The cost for an overnight study is $150 USD and the Titration Study is $150 USD. We accept dollars, pesos or credit cards via the PayPal service.