CPAP Sales

PV Sleep Well provides quality new & reconditioned CPAP’s at discounted prices.
Located in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and licensed to do business, our products go through customs and duties are paid, so no fear of transporting them to and from your home, and we provide service to all cities in Mexico, Canada & U.S. 

The top quality CPAP units we offer typically last for about 5 years or 10,000 hours. When considering a reconditioned CPAP, it is good to know that the units we offer are the same top quality brands as new, but with low hours of 2000 or less, which is about 1 year old.

All our CPAP’s come with a 1 year replacement warranty and a 30% credit after that period for 3 years.
Did you leave your CPAP at home? We offer emergency CPAP rental within Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit, the Banderas Bay area, and can ship to other areas of Mexico should your stay allow.

We can order any brand or style you may want, typically shipping within 10-12 working days.

Below you will see the units we keep in-stock, however, as we are Wholesalers our products move quickly.
Pricing in USD to include IVA of 16%, NEW & Reconditioned, Puerto Vallarta, Jal.MX.
                                                                   RESPIRONICS CPAP'S

M Series Standard w/flex $500
M Series Auto Set w/flex $570
 System 1 Standard w/flex $569
System 1 Auto w/C-flex $675
System 1 NEW Standard w/humid $920
                                                  System 1 NEW Auto w/C-flex, humid $990                                                                                             
                     M Series                                                                      System 1 60 Series                                                                                                                                                                
ResMed CPAP`s

S8 Standard $540
S8 Automatic $625
S9 Standard $640
S9 Automatic $750
S9 NEW Auto w/humidifier $1200

Transcend Auto Travel CPAP  $710
Transcend Battery $372

                       S8                                                                                     S9